A fire breaks out in the factory of a device

A fire breaks out in the factory of a device manufacturer for the production of ASML chips – the damage cannot yet be assessed

The Dutch chip supplier ASML has reported a fire in a Berlin plant that it bought in 2020 with the Berliner Glas business. Although there are no injuries, it is not yet possible to estimate how great the damage is and whether the incident will affect the production plans of the devices this year.

Source: asml.com

Source: asml.com

It will take several days to study and calculate the losses. ASML is the world’s largest supplier of photolithography systems for microchip manufacturing. Nowadays, many semiconductor manufacturers are actively buying the related equipment, for example, China is investing heavily in the industry.

The Berliner Glas plant, where the fire occurred, was bought by ASML in 2020 and today employs over 1,200 people – known today as ASML Berlin. It manufactures key components for the company’s photolithography systems, including equipment for the EUV and DUV systems. The Dutch company counts TSMC and Intel among its customers.

At the end of the third quarter of 2021, the company posted record business performance, both in terms of delivery volumes and profitability. ASML predicts a surge in semiconductor demand in 2022 and the need to increase production of devices to meet them. ASML estimates the semiconductor market will grow to $ 1 trillion by 2030.

Source: asml.com

Source: asml.com

As the Berlin fire brigade discovered, an automatic cleaning system caught fire on the second floor of an industrial building, and the fire spread over an area of ​​around 200 square meters. The total area of ​​the company’s production area in Berlin is 31,780 m². According to some reports, only some parts of the facility have ceased work and the rest of them continue to operate.

Even against the backdrop of news like this, the company’s stock is worth more than 50% more than it was in January 2021, and ASML reports that the company will fulfill orders booked through at least 2023.


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