A fan revealed what Geralt could look like in The

A fan revealed what Geralt could look like in The Witcher remake

Polish studio Fool’s Theory’s remake of The Witcher, an action-adventure action-adventure game, is at least a few years away, but fans are already imagining what Geralt might look like in a reimagining of the game.

    Image Source: Steam (Skillet)

Image Source: Steam (Skillet)

As noted by the portal The playerRecently, a Reddit forum user under the alias Heel_Rider presented his Photoshopped version of the famous witcher from the original The Witcher.

Despite the updated appearance for current-gen devices, Geralt remains recognizable in Heel_Rider’s rendering: he looks thinner and younger, with longer hair and light-colored stubble.

    Image Source: Reddit (Heel_Rider) and Steam (Skubun)

Image Source: Reddit (Heel_Rider) and Steam (Skubun)

The comments joke that Geralt now looks like Lambert or actor Adam Driver, but they also point to the authenticity of the image compared to the image in the original game.

For some, Heel_Rider’s creation even looked like the official illustration: “It can’t be, it’s just the developer letting us leak materials [ремейку] Witcher 1 under the guise of an edited image”.

    Image Source: Reddit (Heel_Rider)

Image Source: Reddit (Heel_Rider)

The edited version of Geralt for the remake (above) was presented by Heel_Rider a few days later. The figure is depicted with a slightly modified face and in Raven armor.

The Witcher Remake is a single-player open-world story RPG powered by Unreal Engine 5. The publication is only expected after the next licensed part (codename Polaris), which in turn will not be released until 2025 at the earliest.

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