A digital archive is sent to the moon to store

A digital archive is sent to the moon to store data about Earth and people for billions of years

Reported, that the Arch Mission Foundation is preparing to send a unique carrier to the Moon to store data about Earth and terrestrial civilization for billions of years. It is planned to distribute similar archives across other celestial bodies of the solar system so that in the distant future people will be able to touch the history of the planet and people if for some reason this data is lost on the Earth itself.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

It should be said that this is not the Foundation’s first attempt to preserve the memory of people and the Earth. An early version of the archive, in the form of a 5-layer disk, was sent into space in the glove compartment of a Tesla Roadster, which Elon Musk’s company launched as proof of its ability to carry payloads into Mars orbit. The second archive, in the form of a 25-layer medium, was sent to the moon on the Israeli Beresheet lander, but crashed upon landing.

The fund’s next storage device would also be delivered to the lunar surface, which was planned to be done using Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission One lander. However, the company delayed production of the device, and then an explosion occurred on the United Launch Alliance (UAL) Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle as it prepared to launch. This delayed the launch of the mission by more than a year, but could take place in November this year.

The Arch Mission Foundation media is a 120mm 4g disc in a special cassette. The top four levels contain text and graphic instructions on how to assemble a DVD player yourself. That’s about 60,000 pages, readable with a 100x to 200x optical zoom. This information helps the reader extract and interpret the data recorded on the remaining 21 layers as if they were on a DVD.

The first level content also includes a textbook with thousands of pages that reveals the meaning of more than a million words and concepts in many languages. It also contains collections of knowledge on many subject areas, such as a selection of important articles from Wikipedia.

    Arch Mission Foundation 25-ply medium

Arch Mission Foundation 25-ply medium

Each layer of a DVD contains over 100GB of compressed digital data or over 200GB uncompressed. The archive kit includes English-language Wikipedia, the Project Gutenberg book library, the Internet Archive, information on nearly 7,000 languages ​​with complete PanLex data, and much more.

It is worth highlighting the data about the famous magician and illusionist David Copperfield. He is one of the sponsors of the project and has ensured that the archive contains as much data about him as possible, including a description of all his famous tricks.


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