A current update interrupts the functionality of the Google Chrome

A current update interrupts the functionality of the Google Chrome browser for iOS

According to online sources, a recent update to the Google Chrome browser for the iOS platform is disrupting the functionality of the application. This is borne out by numerous user complaints that have surfaced in the Google forums and the Reddit community.

Image source: cincodias.elpais.com

Image source: cincodias.elpais.com

According to reports, the application becomes unstable after installing an update to the iOS version of Chrome. Restarting your device and reinstalling your browser will not fix the problem. One of the flaws in Chrome is that the application simply freezes and prevents users from viewing the web. It is reported that in some cases clearing the browser cache will help to correct the situation, but it is far from always possible as the browser may freeze just a few seconds after it starts.

The source notes that the freeze problem on iPhones running iOS 15.3 is reproducible when using Chrome 97. However, previous versions of the application on the same device will function normally. On iPhones with iOS 15.2, Chrome did not experience any problems even after uninstalling and reloading the new version of the browser.

Most likely, Google will release an unscheduled update to resolve the mentioned issue, but when this will happen is still unknown. Users using the Chrome browser on their iPhone are advised not to update the app until the error is resolved.


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