A cowboy squirrel a rocket launcher and an unarmed threat

A cowboy squirrel, a rocket launcher and an unarmed threat: new gameplay has appeared in the fun shooter Squirrel with a Gun

The frivolous third-person shooter Squirrel with a Gun, in which a squirrel learns to hold and use a disproportionate firearm, has received several new gameplay videos in the last few weeks.

    Image source: Daniel DeEntremont

Image source: Daniel DeEntremont

We would like to remind you that in “Squirrel with a Gun” you can explore an open sandbox (including) in the role of this squirrel remote-controlled car), rob civilians and confront enemy agents.

In the latest gameplay video for Squirrel with a Gun (attached below), the squirrel acquired a cowboy hat and a revolver, which he used to effectively take on one of the agents.

In another video (see below), Squirrel with a Gun’s developer, American VFX artist Daniel DeEntremont, showed a cartoonishly comic finish of an agent using a rocket launcher.

After all, the squirrel in Squirrel with a Gun is scary not only with a gun in his hand, but also without it. This can be judged by Gameplay video from two weeks agoin which the rodent slams its claws into the enemy’s face.

Deantremont regularly shares new footage and details from Squirrel with a Gun on his Youtube channel and in Microblog. In mid-June, the developer released a surprisingly dramatic trailer with James Bond-style music.

Squirrel with a Gun is being created for PC (steam) on Unreal Engine 5, inspired by the series Yakuza (Like a Dragon) and Shadow of the Colossus. The game does not yet have a release date.

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