A Chinese startup has developed a traction battery that can

A Chinese startup has developed a traction battery that can be charged quickly in cold weather

Negative temperatures negatively affect the ability of lithium batteries not only to give off charge, but also to receive it, so the charging time increases in cold weather because the battery must first warm up to the optimal temperature. The Chinese company Greater Bay Technology has developed a battery that takes no more than five minutes to charge.

    Image source: Greater Bay Technology, WeChat

Image source: Greater Bay Technology, WeChat

As explained electric, Greater Bay Technology, spun off the parent company GAC Motor in 2020, but in the short time it has existed it has been able to launch batteries based on XFC cells that can be fully charged in just 15 minutes. V Plus crossovers are already being produced with this technology under the Aion brand.

The next step for the Chinese startup will be the release of the Phoenix series batteries, which combine the ability to store enough charge to overcome 1000 km with an advanced thermal management system. Flat inserts made of special materials increase thermal conductivity, thus contributing both to faster cooling of the battery when it heats up during operation and faster warming up before charging in cold weather. For example, such a system can increase the battery temperature from minus 20 to plus 25 degrees Celsius in just five minutes.

Plus, with 300V to 1000V platforms, you can go from 10% to 80% in just six minutes. The heat transfer rate within the battery is 18 times faster than traditional solutions in the industry. This gives the automaker the ability to accelerate the change in operating temperature of the traction battery due to enforcement action by a factor of three. GAC promises to introduce this technology in Aion-branded electric vehicles next year, but it is unknown when such solutions will be available outside of China.

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