A bug in Windows 10 forced Microsoft to remove operating

A bug in Windows 10 forced Microsoft to remove operating system updates from users’ PCs

Microsoft has confirmed a bug in Windows 10 that has caused the software giant to withdraw several service packs for the operating system in recent weeks. This is a bug related to the ClickOnce technology that causes users to be prompted to download already installed and trusted applications.

    Image source: monticello/Shutterstock.com

Image source: monticello/Shutterstock.com

ClickOnce is Microsoft’s technology for delivering applications based on the Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation frameworks. With this technology, developers can create applications for Windows and distribute them on the Internet or within their own networks. Due to a bug in ClickOnce, users may be prompted to reinstall software products previously downloaded onto their devices.

To roll back problematic updates, Microsoft uses the Known Issue Rollback (KIR) tool that is built into current Windows versions. The KIR feature allows you to restore the device to the state it was in before the problematic updates were installed. The software giant has reportedly withdrawn KB5028244 (distributed since July) and the August Windows 10 update released as part of the Patch Tuesday program. The delivery of problematic updates to users stopped on August 14th.

It is noted that users do not need to take any action as the KIR feature will automatically roll back the changes made by the said updates. In addition, if there is an existing Internet connection, an update will be delivered to the user devices in which the error mentioned has been corrected. This package is designed to be installed on Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 10 21H2 devices.


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