A British court has not allowed Apple to block a

A British court has not allowed Apple to block a massive lawsuit over iPhone battery degradation

A London court this week rejected Apple’s request to block consideration of a lawsuit brought by human rights activist Justin Gutmann, who represents the interests of 24 million iPhone owners in Britain. The latter expressed his dissatisfaction with the consumer characteristics of the batteries of these smartphones and the manufacturer’s response to the alleged shortcomings. The plaintiff is seeking total compensation of approximately $1.9 billion.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

According to prosecutors, Apple withheld reliable information from users about problems with iPhone batteries of different generations and denied the very possibility of defects in them. The plaintiff claims that Apple released software updates that limited the performance of smartphones. Apple believes such allegations are unfounded, but admits that it replaced the batteries in a small batch of iPhone 6s free of charge for customers as part of the warranty.

The company tried to resist making this claim before the UK authorities, but failed this week at the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal decidedthat the case can be examined, subject, however, to the emergence of additional details in the structure of the incriminating information, which, in the court’s opinion, are now clearly missing. In addition, the court insists on changing the principles governing the financing of the activities of a human rights activist committed to representing the interests of British iPhone owners.

Apple representatives reiterated their previous statement, which read: “We would and have never taken any action to intentionally shorten the life of a product. “Apple or degrade the user experience to encourage new product purchases”.

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