A beta version of iOS has been released for the

A beta version of iOS has been released for the iPhone 12, which is intended to reduce the smartphone’s radiation

Apple has released a preliminary version of the iPhone 12 update that will reduce the smartphone’s radiation exposure and eliminate claims by the French authorities, which had previously suspended sales of this model in the country.

iPhone 12 radiation levels will return to default levels after the release of iOS 17.1. This became known the day before when Apple released a pre-release version of iOS 17.1 Beta 3 Release NotesIn particular it says: “Updates iPhone 12 for users in France by adjusting the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing protocol.”.

French authorities have temporarily suspended sales of the iPhone 12 in the country after the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) tested 141 phones for SAR levels and found that the iPhone 12 exceeded legal limits. Apple responded that the model still meets standards because it has an on-body detection feature and reduces radiation levels when activated. However, this aspect was not taken into account in the tests.

The situation could have gotten worse, but the manufacturer agreed to release a firmware update for the iPhone 12, which should normalize the SAR indicator. Apple submitted the update to the French authorities for review and they approved it. The SAR indicator in iPhone 12 will return to default with the release of the generally available version of iOS 17.1.


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