60 playthroughs of Shadow Warrior 3 also take 500 hours

60 playthroughs of Shadow Warrior 3 also take 500 hours

Devolver Digital Publishing & Development Studio Flying Wild Hog jokingly uncovered the time it takes to complete your oriental first person shooter Shadow Warrior 3.

Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

Keep in mind that Polish independent studio Techland recently announced that it would take at least 500 hours to completely clean up the upcoming open-world zombie action Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog decided to keep up with their peers, saying that Shadow Warrior 3 would also take 500 hours to complete. To reach this value, the game must be played 60 times.

Despite the obvious irony of what the developers say, it still contains useful information. With some simple calculations, it turns out that the duration of one passage of Shadow Warrior 3 is around 8.3 hours.

Following the October transfer, Shadow Warrior 3 is expected to be released on PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One earlier this year. Exact publisher date promised to reveal in the near future.

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