272 illegal music websites blocked in the US and Brazil

272 illegal music websites blocked in the US and Brazil

It became known that during the international activity of law enforcement agencies, the work of 272 websites dealing with the distribution of illegal music content was suspended. During Operation 404, 6 domains were blocked on the territory of the USV and another 266 in Brazil, where dozens of searches were also carried out, during which 6 people were arrested.

    Image Source: Innova Labs / Pixabay

Image Source: Innova Labs / Pixabay

“According to court documents, law enforcement determined that these six domains were used to distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owners. A law enforcement investigation has confirmed that copyrighted music content exists and is available for streaming or download on each of these six Eastern District of Virginia sites.”‘ the US Department of Justice said in a statement.

A joint investigation by US and Brazilian law enforcement officials revealed that some of the blocked domains were issued through American registrars. At the same time, 15 user profiles on social networks used to promote pirate sites were blocked. It should be noted that since 2019, such an operation to eliminate digital piracy will be carried out for the fourth time.

A representative of Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security noted that copyright infringement is the cause of about $2.8 billion in annual losses in the country. After the pirate network is eliminated, users will see a message stating that the website will be blocked by the federal government if they go to any of the blocked sites.


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