160 GB of secret data about Acers products development firmware

160 GB of secret data about Acer’s products, development, firmware and others was stolen

Earlier this week it was announced that a hacker using the pseudonym Kernelware hacked into an Acer internal server and stole around 160 GB of confidential information in the form of 2869 files. The attacker offered the stolen data for sale on one of the websites.

    Image source: Acer

Image source: Acer

According to the attacker, Acer’s internal security system was hacked on February 23. The stolen files contain confidential information about the manufacturer’s products, technical manuals, batch files, company internal infrastructure data, product model documentation, BIOS and ROM files, product keys, various archive files in ISO format, internal information about various models of laptops, smartphones and tablets. At the same time, the hacker provided a screenshot of the stolen data to confirm his statements and offered to buy them for the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency. The price is not disclosed – the hacker sells the data to the highest bidder.

    Image source: Hackread.com

Image source: Hackread.com

Acer confirmed the hack into its internal infrastructure on Tuesday. “We recently discovered an incident involving unauthorized access to one of our internal servers containing data for our hardware repair technicians. While the investigation into this incident is ongoing, there is no indication that the server in question contained consumer personal information.”the company said in a statement.

In recent years, Acer has been the victim of several high-profile data breaches. For example, in 2021, hackers stole the company’s confidential data and demanded the largest-ever ransom of $50 million. That same year, the company suffered another, but smaller, data breach.

According to Acer, the latest stolen data does not contain any information about its customers. However, the data contains important technical information that could potentially be used to hack a large number of different systems.


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