123456 became the most popular password in the world in

“123456” became the most popular password in the world in 2023

In 2023, NordPass, known for its password management solutions, released a new one Evaluation the most common passwords, and the results are disappointing. The simplest password, “123456,” topped the list, highlighting users’ general disregard for cybersecurity issues. Password, which was last year’s top performer, fell to 7th place. This ranking highlights the ongoing trend toward weak and predictable passwords that threaten users’ digital security.

    Image source: AbsolutVision / Pixabay

Image source: AbsolutVision / Pixabay

An analysis of the ranking of the 200 most common passwords shows that most of them are extremely vulnerable. The top 10 includes such simple combinations as “123”, “1234”, “12345”, “12345678”, “123456789” and “1234567890” as well as “Aa123456” and of course “password”. What’s particularly disturbing is that these passwords can be cracked by attackers in less than a second using simple brute force methods – an approach to cracking passwords that involves trying all possible combinations.

However, there are exceptions, such as “theworldinyourhand”, which comes in at number 173 in the ranking. This password is almost impossible to crack using traditional methods and would take centuries to guess manually. The second password, “admin,” is standard on many devices and can be easily hacked.

Adding “123” to “admin” or using the “@” symbol between the word and numbers significantly increases the cracking time. For example, “admin123” and “admin@123” require significantly more time to select. An interesting fact is the popularity of the password “Eliska81”, which is ranked 40th and is used by more than 75,755 people. This illustrates how random and unexpected combinations can become popular.

In addition, it is worth noting that the password “admintelecom” is in the 54th position. It takes about 23 days to crack this password using brute force, making it one of the safest on the list.

Experts predict that the list of the most common passwords will remain almost unchanged next year. The security of personal data and the reliability of protection against unauthorized access depend on the choice of password. In the modern digital world, the responsibility for the security of their data lies with every user.

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