11th and 12th Gen Intel Core computers no longer play

11th and 12th Gen Intel Core computers no longer play 4K Blu-ray discs

It has been reported that 11th and 12th Gen Intel processors have had the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) removed to decrypt DRM when playing Blu-ray Ultra HD discs. This means that users of computers built on the basis of the mentioned processors cannot play 4K videos from Blu-ray discs on their devices.

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Remember that SGX is a set of CPU instructions that give an application the ability to create enclaves – areas in the virtual address space that are protected from outside reading and writing by other processes, including the operating system kernel. SGX extensions are required to play Blu-ray Ultra HD discs with 4K video as they interact with DRM. The SGX feature first appeared in 2016 in Skylake generation processors.

In the specifications of the 11th and 12th generation processors, Intel has stated that the SGX technology is obsolete and therefore not available. The refusal to use SGX technology is probably due to the long-standing criticism of information security specialists who found many vulnerabilities in it. From a security standpoint, Intel would benefit from not using SGX. It is expected that for most users, Intel’s rejection of the mentioned technology will go unnoticed.

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In the forum of CyberLink, the developer of the PowerDVD player, appeared more information on this topic. The only option available to continue playing Blu-ray Ultra HD discs on computers with newer Intel processors is to decline the installation of updates. This is because SGX extensions can be removed along with updates.



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