1.5 billion Facebook users sell a database of personal information on the darknet

On one of the famous hacker forums on the darknet, personal information of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users is sold, the resource reports. PrivacyAffairs… It is indicated that this is the largest database merged into the Network with information about the users of the specified social network.

Image source: Riafan

Image source: Riafan

At the end of last September, an announcement appeared on one of the well-known hacker forums, the author of which stated that he had personal information about more than 1.5 billion Facebook users at his disposal. The seller indicates that all data is fresh and was collected this year. He offers to buy them all in whole or in small portions.

One of the potential buyers informed PrivacyAffairsthat the seller estimated information about a million Facebook users at $ 5,000. The seller also indicated that the data contains usernames, their email inboxes, location information, field information, phone number and user ID.

The hacker claims that he collected data about users not by hacking their pages, but by parsing – monitoring and analyzing personal data that is in the public domain, and then structured into lists and databases, according to the specified parameters.

Although the information that ended up in the hands of the hacker was not stolen. But in the end, it can be at the disposal of unscrupulous advertising agencies and other interested organizations, as well as cybercriminals who can use them, for example, for phishing attacks.

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